12 hours
All Year Around
For all ages
Snæfellsnes Peninsula, West Iceland, West-coast
Very Easy
6 Trees planted
CO2 Offsetting

The Snæfellsnes Peninsula

Snæfellsnes peninsula in western Iceland is something that you can’t miss this if you want to capture the true spirit and beauty of Iceland. This tour offers you a spectacular landscape, extraordinary shores, and scenery. You can visit the Seal colony, Shark museum, Kirkjufell one of the most photographed mountains in Iceland and well known from the TV hit series Game of Thrones recognized as being “ArrowHead Mountain”, Lóndrangar the basalt columns from an ancient crater and more.
The Snæfellsnes peninsula is one of the few places in Iceland with golden and pink beaches since Iceland is well known for its black lava beaches and the beauty is just breathtaking. The peninsula brings you stretches of lava fields beautiful waterfalls and gorges, small lovely local villages.


Snæfellsjökull which is Snæfellsness’s main attraction is a 1446m ( 4744ft) dormant strato-volcano with a 200m (656ft) crater. The astonishing glacier towers over the Snæfellsnes National park at the tip of the peninsula. The glacier is known to be one of the world’s seven energy centers (chakras) and some belief it to be a meeting place for extraterrestrials.
Because of the strong energy field coming from the glacier, you can’t escape feeling re-energized after your stay there. The amazing Snæfellsjökull volcano has not erupted in the last 1800 years. The Snaefellsnes Peninsula’s communities were the first among European communities to receive the EarthCheck certification which is an international system used as a benchmark for sustainability in travel and tourism.

The Kirkjufell mountain

The Kirkjufell mountain is 463m (15519ft) above sea level. Next to the astonishing mountain is a small cute fishing village called Grundarfjörður. There is no secret that the Kirkjufell is the most famous and the most photographed mountain in all of Iceland and especially for its big part in the world-famous TV hit series Game of Thrones. They’re better known as “Arrowhead Mountain”.


The seal colony at Ytri-Tunga is a sandy beach where the seals like to hang out at. The favorable time to spot them is over the summer months of June, July, and August. You’ll have the chance to get pretty close to them by climbing the rocks.

The Black Church

The Black little church is also a popular spot to visit and photo. This historic church is located in Budir and has a small beautiful cemetery next to it. The hidden gem is great to take photos with since it is located in the lava field.

Bjarnarhofn shark museum

At the Bjarnarhofn shark museum, you’ll have a chance to learn all about sharks as well as take part in the popular tradition of tasting a rotten shark which is definitely an experience you want to have as a story to tell later.
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Price per Vehicle:

1-7 Passengers: 167.400kr

8-15 Passengers: 208.440kr


6 Trees planted

Carbon Dioxide Footprint:
Oak Travel Service is proud to support responsible travel in Iceland. The Kolviður Fund we neutralize the carbon dioxide footprint of all our tours and service without no extra costs for our customers. The carbon neutralization is done by planting trees in collaboration with The Kolviður Fund, founded by the Icelandic Forestry Association.  All our tours and service are calculated by the distance traveled in accordance with the offset agreement to find out a number of trees we plant to offset the carbon dioxide (CO2) footprint. 

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Price per Vehicle1-7 Passengers: 167.400kr, 8-15 Passengers: 208.440kr