7 hours
All Year Around
For all ages
West Iceland, West-coast
Very Easy
3 Trees planted
CO2 Offsetting
The Silver Circle area contains volcanic lava, waterfalls, glacial rivers, and hot springs and is also rich in Viking history and legends. You can visit Hraunfossar where water seems to burst through lava formations and nearby are the brilliantly-blue Barnafoss falls, Deildartunguhver is Europe’s most powerful hot spring and many more. These tours combine unique nature and Saga
Recommended by the New York Times in 2017, Borgarfjörður in West Iceland is an up-and-coming place to visit.

Tour Highlights:

• The Silver Circle
• Borgarfjordur Fjord
• Deildartunguhver Hot Spring
• Krauma Hot Baths
• Hraunfossar Waterfalls
• Barnafoss Waterfall
We will pick you up early from your Reykjavik pickup location so be sure to be well-rested. The pickup process might take up to 30 min and it depends on your pick up location. The first destination on your tour is the amazing Deildartunguhver which is the most powerful hot spring in all of Europe.

Price per Vehicle:

1-7 Passengers: 97.650kr

8-15 Passengers: 121.590kr



The hot spring will surely impress you by its power and rising steaming mist coming from the bubbling water. The towns nearby, Akranes and Borgarness is provided with hot water from this fully functioning heating system. The hop spring is a natural and environmentally friendly way for human water consumption.

Krauma Natural Baths

The Natural baths use the heated water from Deildartunguhver and are mixed with actual glacial water from Iceland’s smallest glacier. Combining those two sources of water gives the ideal temperature for you to bath in. While letting the geothermal and nutrient-rich water rejuvenate you, you can relax in the beautiful place of the natural spa.

Hraunfossar Waterfalls

These waterfalls truly are majestic and are well known as the wide and gentle falls. They are different in a way where a normal waterfall is a single body, this one is made up of many smaller streams that make a multitude of small white waterfalls. Hraunfossar Waterfalls then joins the Hvita river. You will enjoy a magnificent view of color with gleaming black rocks, green, red and yellow plants and of course the deep blue river combined with the white-water streams.

Barnafoss Waterfalls

The second waterfall on this journey is the Barnafoss Waterfall or “the children’s falls” It received that name because two children fell into the falls and drowned. Even though the falls bare this horrifying tale the Barnafoss Waterfalls is breathtaking to look at.
Be sure took book your tour of a lifetime!

3 Trees planted

Carbon Dioxide Footprint:
Oak Travel Service is proud to support responsible travel in Iceland. The Kolviður Fund we neutralize the carbon dioxide footprint of all our tours and service without no extra costs for our customers. The carbon neutralization is done by planting trees in collaboration with The Kolviður Fund, founded by the Icelandic Forestry Association.  All our tours and service are calculated by the distance traveled in accordance with the offset agreement to find out a number of trees we plant to offset the carbon dioxide (CO2) footprint.

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Price per Vehicle1-7 Passengers: 97.650kr, 8-15 Passangers: 121.590kr