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Blue Lagoon

Discover the waters of the Blue Lagoon. Journey through a spa of the volcanic earth harmonize with nature.
The Blue Lagoon is one of Iceland´s most popular attraction and does not need any introduction. A unique and relaxing geothermal spa located in a beautiful lava field only 45 minutes from Reykjavik. The Blue Lagoon is a must visit place for all guests of Iceland.

Please note that entry to the Blue Lagoon is NOT included in the tour price and must be pre-booked, which you can do here

In 2012 the Blue Lagoon was listed as one of the world’s 25 wonders by the National Geographic magazine.

Can you imagine the scene? You laying in the milky white warm bath located in the raw and rugged lava field while maybe having the chance of seeing the Northern lights in the sky (over wintertime)? That is a travel story everyone loves to bring back to their friends and family.

Here are some facts about the Blue Lagoon:

• Its man made
• The steaming hot water is first used as a geothermal power plant and then directed into the lagoon
• The temperature of the lagoon is 37-40°C (98- 104°F)
• The water comes from the depth of 2000 meters (6561 ft)
• The lava filed it’s located in is 800-year-old
• In the lagoon you will find an in- water cave, warm waterfall and a in-water bar where you can purchase drinks while in the lagoon.
• There nothing less than 9 million liters (2,377,548 gallons) of water in the lagoon.
• Every 40 hours the total supply of the lagoons water has been renewed.
• The beautiful blue color comes from the silica. The lagoons water is a combination of freshwater and seawater and really rich in silica and minerals.
• At summer time you’ll get an extra color to the mixture or the color green which comes from algae.
• The healing water has helped a lot of people with psoriasis or other skin ailments.
• At the Blue Lagoon you can chose from 3 packages. Basic, comfort and luxury
• It’s not recommended to bring children younger than 2 years old.

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Carbon Dioxide Footprint:

Oak Travel Service is proud to support responsible travel in Iceland. With The Kolviður Fund we neutralize the carbon dioxide footprint of all our tours and service without no extra costs for our customers. The carbon neutralization is done by planting trees in collaboration with The Kolviður Fund, founded by the Icelandic Forestry Association.  All our tours and service are calculated by the distance travelled in accordance to the offset agreement to find out number off trees we plant to offset the carbon dioxide (CO2) footprint.

Booking Information:

For passengers 1-7

Price per vehicle: 51.500 ISK

For passengers 8-15

Price per vehicle: 66.500 ISK

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