About us

Oak Travel Service is an environmentally friendly tour company that specializes in high-quality private tours and tours for small groups. At Oak Travel Service we have a team of very experienced guides and staff that strives for customer satisfaction.

Our main goal is to introduce Iceland to visitors and to make the experience enjoyable and memorable.

Flexibility is one of the key elements of our services. Each private tour has its own personal guide which gives Oak Travel Service the possibility to customize each tour based on your request. Therefore, don´t hesitate to tell us what you are looking for.

Our fleet of cars is in high quality. Our drivers are qualified experienced drivers, licensed by the Icelandic Road Administration.

A private tour with Oak Travel Service should be an enjoyable and memorable experience. Your guide will introduce you to our culture tell you stories and show you the amazing nature that Iceland consists of.

Carbon dioxide footprint

We are proud to support responsible travel in Iceland. With Kolviður fund we neutralize the carbon dioxide footprint of all our tours and service without no extra costs for our customers. The carbon neutralization is done by planting trees in collaboration with The Kolviður Fund, founded by the Icelandic Forestry Association.  All our tours and service are calculated by the distance traveled in accordance with the offset agreement to find out a number of trees we plant to offset the carbon dioxide (CO2) footprint.

By choosing Oak Travel will not only make a lot of great memory´s but also offsetting the carbon footprint of you travel around Iceland.

Responsible tourism in Iceland

Oak Travel Service is a proud participant in the Responsible tourism project in Iceland. The goal of the project is to maintain Iceland’s status as an optimal future destination for travelers by supporting sustainability for future generations.

Main emphases and how we will do it:

  1. Respect for nature.
    All tours and services will be carbon offset in collaboration with The Kolviður fund. Oak Travel Service will also take part in, and manage various environmental projects aimed at reducing the negative effects of travel and keeping our nature beautiful for our future generations.
  2. Ensure the safety of our guests.
    Oak Travel Service will strive to inform travelers as much as possible on how to travel safely and responsibly.
  3. Respect the rights of employees.
    Oak Travel Service will ensure and respect the rights of all employees. We will follow laws and regulations regarding labor rights as well as enforcing the equal pay for equal work act.
  4. Have a positive impact on the local community.
    One of Oak Travel Service missions is to work towards the better distribution of travelers around the country with the aim to support and strengthen local communities.